Fall 2017 Update: Amity's Newest Features

September 14, 2017 Amity Team

Fall 2017 Update: Amity's Newest FeaturesWe've made some exciting updates on the Amity platform. Take a look below to find out what new features and product enhancements just came out!

Account Views

Amity’s newest updates include a powered-up version of the views engine. For each view, filter your accounts and keep it concise by selecting which columns to display. When creating the view, select an original sort order and favorite the view to always display it at the top of the side panel.

New categories are available to organize your views:

  • As always, the default view “All Accounts” is accessible by everyone on your team, at first glance
  • Team Views
  • My Views
  • Favorite Views

Favorite Views


Playbooks and Tasks

We’re taking tasks to the next level with the ability to categorize them and automatically associate them with a playbook stage. Associate a task template such as “Schedule Kick-Off Call” with the “Onboarding” type and never lose track of where your team stands with their tasks. 

Add Task Template

With these added task types, filter views and keep track of your team's tasks and their status at first sight.

Add View

Other improvements to the tasks and playbooks include the ability to manually adjust the time spent on a task when, or before you complete it.



We’ve added the ability to clone accounts views, people views, and rules.

Clone View


New Properties  

The newest default properties include:

  • CRM Owner name and email, to facilitate Sales-CS collaboration and communication
  • Last payment properties: amount, date, invoice number, payment number
  • Last invoice properties: amount, date, due date, number

You can, of course, filter views and create rules based on these properties, and use them as placeholders in emails and email templates.


Request a Demo



Tickets are now automatically filtered to display separately based on their status: open or resolved. Easily find out exactly where your customer stands with tickets and Customer Support at any point in time.

Filters for Tickets


User Management

Account Roles

We're introducing Account Roles to facilitate multilateral collaboration and increase accountability throughout the customer journey. With Account Roles, assign multiple team members to a customer account and define their responsibilities with a role. Some common account roles include:

  • CSM
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Implementation Manager
  • & Anything you might need... you create them yourself!

And yes, the same user can be assigned multiple roles.

Assigning Account Roles

Create new views by filtering account by roles and role assignees. For instance, display all accounts for which Deborah Harris is assigned as an Onboarding Specialist.


Team Member Properties

In order to support Amity’s extensive email placeholders and signatures library, we’ve added new team member properties. Amity users can specify their job titles, phone numbers, LinkedIn profile URL, or Twitter usernames.



You can now blacklist email addresses to instruct Amity to ignore emails and chat coming to, from, or to and from them. By blacklisting emails like “newsletter@yourcompany”, you’ll be able to improve the quality and accuracy of your engagement metrics.


New JavaScript Library Methods in Activity Tracking API

To make the JavaScript Library more consistent and easier to use, we added the following new methods: identifyParticipant, identifyAccount, record, and useSandbox. The documentation and examples have been updated at developer.getamity.com.




Amity can now synchronize data in Oracle NetSuite customer, contact, and support case records with Amity accounts, people, and tickets, respectively. 



Integrate your Amity account with Zoom.us to capture participation in online meetings and webinars.



Link your Amity and Chartmogul accounts to capture information about accounts, contacts, and subscriptions. 

Head over to our website for the entire list of Amity integrations (there are a lot of them, for real). Want to see the new features in action? Let us show you

See Amity in Action

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