Amity Fall 2016 Product Update

November 2, 2016 Amity Team

Amity Product UpdateAmity Fall 2016 Product Update

Amity helps Customer Success teams around the world do more, for less.  In the Fall 2016 Product Update, Amity does even more to help you scale your customer success processes.  You can:

  1. Create custom dashboards for both users and account;

  2. Understand your users as precisely as you understand your accounts;

  3. Manage, delegate and collaborate on tasks; and,

  4. Send even more personalized emails.

  5. NPS Survey Integrations.

Custom Account Dashboards

The Custom Account Dashboard feature allow you to tailor a dashboard to visualize all your key account data, metrics, and trends.  Now you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of your accounts.


Updated App Bar

We redesigned the App Bar to make it easier for you to navigate.  The App Bar is wider and displays the name of the app next to the icon.


Goodbye Portfolio.   Hello Explorers!

The Portfolio App has been split into two new Apps - the Account Explorer, and the People Explorer.  Explorers allow you to focus on the right customers at the right time.  With the Explorers apps, you can browse, search, sort and filter your accounts, and end users, in one simple visual display.


The People Explorer

Know your users.  We are very excited to finally unveil our brand new People Explorer.  Now all of the power available in the Account Explorer can be applied to your users as well.


Custom Properties and Metrics for People

Custom properties allow you to add your own data about users to Amity.  Whether it is critical outcome measurements, progress towards goals, NPS score, login dates or anything else you need, Amity’s open architecture allows you to integrate data about customers from your product, BI data warehouse or analytics tool.


Custom People Dashboard

The Custom People Dashboard feature allows you to tailor a dashboard to visualize all your key end user data, metrics, and trends.  Now you can easily keep your finger on the pulse of your users.


Team Task Management and Collaboration

We have added several team management features to the Amity Task App.  Now you can see tasks from any on your team.  Additionally, you can delegate a task to another user and track the progress of all delegated tasks.  

The Task App now allows you to collaborate with other users on your tasks.  Simply assign a user who will collaborate with you on a task. Amity will notify the user that they are now collaborating on a task, and the collaborator can track the progress of all the tasks they collaborate on.


List View for Tasks

Sometimes it is easier to view and manage your tasks as a checklist.  The new list view for tasks allows you to view, filter and edit your tasks in a simple checklist display.

To help you prioritize tasks, Amity now groups the tasks by urgency:

  • Upcoming - Tasks that are overdue or due in the next 3 days,

  • Later - Tasks due more than 3 days from today,

  • Backlog - Tasks that do not have a due date, and

  • Completed - All completed tasks that haven’t been archived


More Email Personalization

You asked for it and now you have it.  We’ve added a ton more email placeholders. You can now tailor your emails using a wide variety of placeholders from accounts and users to personalize your messages.


NPS Survey Integrations

Amity now allows you to integrate your NPS Survey Tool (, Delighted) directly into Amity.  Now you can use up-to-date NPS scores in views, rules, insights and health scores.


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