Engaging Conversation at the first Customer Success Meetup

November 13, 2013 John Kennedy


Customer Success Meetup

The Southern Ontario Customer Success Meetup group was officially launched to great success last night.

Over 30 customer success practitioners and SaaS executives convened to hear Paul Philp share Lessons Learned in Customer Success. The presentation included insights collected from over 150 interviews with leading SaaS companies.


Even before the presentation began attendees started sharing the challenges they face in their customer success roles and organizations.

Always an interactive and engaging presenter, Paul warmed up the crowd by encouraging introductions by all attendees.

Customer Success Meetup

With each of the 10 lessons was presented, there was a shining example of an individual and their organization whose achievements were worth sharing.  We even had a shining example in attendance, Chad Horenfeldt from Influitive.

People remained long after the presentation to continue the discussion, share experiences, and make new connections.

As companies and individuals continue to define customer success, there is one thing certain.  Customer Success is not a fad or new technology jargon.  The attendees’ enthusiasm about learning and solving the “what is customer success anyhow?” question is genuine.  SaaS companies are actively looking to define their customer advantage strategy.  

So how could we really tell if the meetup was a success? It ended with the following set of questions:

Q: When is the next event?

A: We are actively planning it for December

Q: Are you planning on holding these once a month?

A: Yes, with interest and attendance this high, how could we not!

Q: What is the cut-off for the number of attendees?

A: Rest assured, if we exceed the capacity of our venue, we’ll find a bigger one.

I’d like to thank all of the attendees who made the event a success!  We look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at the next event.

If you missed the event, join the Southern Ontario Customer Success meetup group now.

PS. We will share the Lesson Learned in Customer Success content in an upcoming post.


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