Day One at Amity, a growing Customer Success Management company

July 21, 2015 Jodi Schechter

Day One at Amity, a growing Customer Success Management company

It’s my first day at Amity, a small, mighty and friendly organization in Toronto working hard to change the way Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies take care of their customers. We’re part of the Customer Success Management (CSM) industry – a relatively new movement in the software subscription space that calls for proactive client support. It’s a clear pivot away from the old customer service model of reactive assistance when things go awry, and all about helping clients achieve maximum value from the get-go.

Sheepishly I admit that that sums up most of what I know about my new company and customer success. Except this:

In the few short hours I have been here, I sense a deep commitment to Customer Success. An unwritten agreement between Amity and its clients that their success is our success. A firm belief that hand-holding users from the moment they login and throughout their lifecycle will bring its own reward…satisfied, long term customers.
The good folks at Amity have invited me aboard to help with Content Marketing; entrusting me with blog posts, their corporate Twitter handle and other public-facing soapboxes from which I am barely qualified to squawk – today – but am scrambling to get up to speed. It’s a fun place to be, this nascent Customer Success Management space; and I’m excited to be here, at Amity. To work with these bright, dedicated people. To share Amity’s expertise. To grow our customer base and good reputation. And to (hopefully) eradicate disengaged and frustrated customers.

Oh, and one other thing I learned today is the meaning of our company name.

Amity: a feeling of camaraderie; a friendly relationship.

Seems appropriate for this group of people committed to making customers happy.


Wish me luck and keep in touch!

Day One at @GetAmity, a growing #CustomerSuccess Management company
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