Customer Success: What Customers (Really) Think About You

June 22, 2016 Trisha Armeña

Customer Success Managers

SaaS Tattler Issue 87 - Customer Success: What Customers (Really) Think About You

As a CSM, the following thought has likely crossed your mind a few, well, hundred times: “How am I perceived by my clients?” Truth be told, there isn’t necessarily a clear, concrete answer to this -- after all, how can there be? No two CSMs are exactly the same, and each client holds a different perspective. With that being said, we can definitely help with figuring out why your customers feel the way they do about you. We’ve dedicated this issue of the SaaS Tattler to showcasing why your customers absolutely love you as their CSM ….. or why they might not (and how you can fix that!).

9 Reasons Why Your Customers Believe You Are Awesome

If you’re able to get through this list and nod the whole way through, chances are, your customer believes their CSM truly is all that…. and a bag of chips. Congratulations! In this article, Olwen van Dijk-Hildebrand outlines the top 9 reasons why your clients think so positively of you.

“To go to the extra lengths is what will make your company truly memorable.” 

5 Reasons Why Customers Hate You

On the other hand, if you’ve been experiencing some negative vibes from a customer lately, perhaps you need to take a step back and re-evaluate how you’ve been treating your client. If you can pinpoint even one thing you’re doing from this list, perhaps that explains why your client doesn’t think so highly of you at the moment. Here, Robb Fenn covers how not to treat your customers, and how you can improve their impression of you.

“Successful companies recognize that you will never understand what customers’ value until you ask them.”

A Simple Change in Perspective That Will Win You Loyal Customers For Life

Although the title suggests a theme solely about customer loyalty, first and foremost, this article teaches you CSMs how to give your customers a positive perception of you in general. In this piece, Len Markidan reveals the secret to keeping your customers happy -- by taking the long-term view and placing them under your protection -- which can pay off in a big way.

“Place your customers or clients under your protection and keep their best interests in mind.”

The Best of Customer Success Today

In need of some inspiration? Let’s examine ten companies with the right Customer Success practice, and learn how this strategy can spur growth in the long run. 10 Companies Mastering Customer Success.

Even though the initial sale likely doesn’t involve the CSM (unless it’s a very strategic deal), it’s crucial to him or her for the executives to be bought in and to see the value firsthand from the start. 3 Ways to Engage Executives Early to Drive Customer Success and Value in the Long Run.

A resource dedicated to the long-term success of your customers should be in place the moment you land your first customer. Why CSM needs to be a single digit hire, luxury & customer success, excuses to talk to your customers.

Top SaaS Fundings This Week
(Source: CrunchBase)

  1. LogicMonitor - Received $130M in Private Equity

    • LogicMonitor is the automated IT performance monitoring platform that enables companies to easily and cost-effectively monitor their entire IT infrastructure stack.

  2. Rocketrip - Received $9M in Series B Funding

    • Reward employees for saving money on travel and expenses.

  3. Beamery - Received $2M in Seed Funding

    • Beamery uses machine learning algorithms to determine which prospects are most interested in working for a given employer, and in what capacity.

  4. Qimple - Received $1.1M in Seed Funding

    • Qimple helps great companies make better hires in less time: create job ads, post and distribute with one click, and hire all in one place.

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