Customer Success Meetup – #4 and Growing Strong!

April 2, 2014 John Kennedy

Customer Success Meetup


The Customer Success Meetup has reached 127 members and is still growing strong.

The advocacy marketing experts at Influitive hosted a great event at their cool new offices. About half of the audience was   attending for the first time and most were in a Customer Success role.

 After kicking off the meeting, Julie Persofsky provided a brief introduction to Influitive and then handed the presentation over to Chad Horenfeldt. With a bit of humour splashed throughout, Chad focused on best practices for how marketing and customer success can work together in the best interests of the organization and the customer.

 He provided a real-world example of marketing automation gone wrong.  In this case, one automated email  caused him to had to work hard to salvage a customer relationship. As the consummate customer success professional, he learned from the situation and turned it into a great reason for these two departments to work closer together.

 Key Takeaways:

  1. Secret to Customer Success: Be Proactive!
  2. Marketing and CS working together start with a Crawl, Walk then Run approach:
    • Crawl: Open Communication
    • Walk: Embrace and leverage each other
    • Run: Shared metrics
  3. Identify an area that of the customer lifecycle that you can improve then meet with marketing and discuss possible options. Create measurable outcomes and find the right tools and resources to do the job

Quote of the event for all Marketing and Customer Success professionals: “Don’t fear losing ownership of the customer – you never had it in the first place.”

Our attendees are looking to fill a number of positions, including customer success:

Given the degree of networking that continues before and after the event, I think we need to organize a Meetup Mixer and convene over cocktails. Is this something the members would be interested in?

If you are not a member, what are you waiting for?  Join the meetup group today!


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