Customer Success in B2B vs B2C and why it's important to you

June 29, 2016 Trisha Armeña

Customer Success in B2B vs B2C

SaaS Tattler Issue 88 - Customer Success in B2B vs B2C and why it's important to you

It seems pretty insane to think that Customer Success could actually be as complex -- if not more -- for B2C companies in making their customers successful, as it would for B2B companies. Wait, what? As shocking as it may be, this is already something we understand... to some extent. But have you ever wondered just how much the role of a CSM in B2C can differ, and where exactly the two Venn circles meet in the middle? In this issue of the SaaS Tattler, we’ll be comparing and contrasting Customer Success in B2B vs. Customer Success in B2C, and shedding some light on the latter topic in general. 

B2B versus B2C and Why It Matters… A Lot.

First things first. In order to understand the variations of Customer Success, one must have a full grasp on what separates the industries to begin with. Yes, this goes way beyond the simple definitions of 2B = to businesses and 2C = to consumer, and in this article, Katherine Shao sheds light on the big-picture distinctions of the two types of commerce transactions.

"While emotion might have a small role to play [in B2B], most business decisions aren’t centered around the psychology of wish fulfillment."

5 Reasons B2B Customer Support is Different than B2C

Although it’s the word “support” that’s in the title, upon reading this list, one could easily substitute the word for “success”. So what are the main differences between taking care of your customers as whole companies vs. single consumers, you might ask? In this article, Robert C. Johnson explains 5 consumer-based disparities between B2B and B2C businesses.

"For the most part B2B customers, especially within the software space, are more technically savvy."

How Fitbit is *rocking* Customer Success

We’re used to Customer Success being defined as this -- ensuring that businesses become successful with your product -- and for that very reason, it can be tricky at times to grasp how CS works for B2C. This feature by Ben Rigby gives an excellent example of how exactly a B2C company can kill the game of Customer Success!

"As a Customer Success leader, you’ll want to be involved in helping the product team build features that drive daily activity and value."

Life hack: Use customer success to run your business

With all that being said, your customers keep you alive as a business, whether you’re B2C or B2B. This article by Ran Xiao explains why it is vital to connect Customer Success with all parts of your business, no matter what type of business you work for. Whether you’re helping businesses or consumers succeed, there is always a solid middle ground.

"Your customers keep you alive as a business, whether you’re B2C or B2B."

Best of Customer Success Today

The best way to identify relationship gaps with customers is to build transparency throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Is Your Customer Success Team Minding the Relationship Gaps? 3 Factors to Watch.

Today’s customer journey is long, complex and involves a lot of consumption of various types of content through digital channels. This makes video the perfect medium for engaging potential customers. Why? From Browse to Buy: How to Use Videos at Every Stage of the Customer Journey.

Customer Success happens when people get what they want from your business. It’s not just increasing customer satisfaction, but taking responsibility for connecting, consistently communicating and nurturing relationships to build trust. Owners Mindset: Getting Programmed for Customer Success.

Top SaaS Fundings This Week
(Source: CrunchBase)

  1. Navar - Received $22M in Series B Funding

    • The complete platform of shipping and delivery solutions for retailers.

  2. Alignable - Received $1.5M in Series B Funding

    • Alignable shifts the power to local businesses by giving them a place to network, market together, grow and support their communities.

  3. Security Scorecard - Received $20M in Series B Funding

    • The leading security company to predict and remediate potential security risks across organizations and their partners.

  4. AppZen - Received $2.9M in Seed Funding

    • AppZen provides the world’s first ambient solution for expense compliance and audit.

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