Celebrating Success With Your Customers

April 20, 2016 Matthew McLaren

Celebrating Success With Your Customers

SaaS Tattler Issue 82 - Celebrating Success With Your Customers

From sending a funny gif to freshly baked cookies, there are many ways a company can celebrate success with their customers. Making an effort to celebrate your customer's success is a great way to build a solid relationship and increase loyalty. We’ve decided to dedicate this issue of the SaaS Tattler to celebrating the success of your customers.

3 Ways – and 1 New Reason – To Celebrate Your Customers

Although attracting new customers is important, making it a priority to reward your long-time customers is a great way to build partnerships with your long-time customers. Michele McGovern discusses why it’s important to show your customers just how important they are to your business. In this article, Michele provides three ways to celebrate success with your customers.

"Reward loyal customers with some exclusive offers"


Celebrate Your Customer’s Progress

To further nurture the relationship with your customer, it’s important to celebrate major milestones. Whether you are acknowledging an anniversary or just saying thank you, your message should make your customers feel great about your product. In this guide, Intercom provides some tips to celebrating your customer’s achievements.

"Show genuine appreciation and thank your customers for their loyalty"


Customer Success Strategy: Why a Personalized Approach Matters

It can be tempting to want to give up on a customer when they continuously resist the help of a CSM. Sometimes setting goals and identifying benchmarks is one tactic to encourage collaboration with your customers. In this article, Krysta Gahagen explains why it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments of your customers, even past the first few months of your relationship.

"It's important to celebrate the small wins with customers"


The Best of Customer Success Today

When it comes to your B2B business, you surely know how important Key Account Management (KAM) can be for your bottom line. Key Account Management: Finding Proactive Ways to Establish Customer Success Plans

If there is one thing that the tech industry as a whole has come to realize in recent years, it’s that technology is not a device. It’s an experience. The Perfect Experience and It's Role in Customer Success

Do your clients know, understand and use all aspects of your product or service? Are they staying with you or are you experiencing high levels of churn? 2 Mistakes Destroying Your Customer Success

Top SaaS Fundings This Week

  1. OnShift  - Received $18M in Series D Funding

    • OnShift delivers cloud-based human capital management software and proactive services to solve everyday workforce challenges in healthcare.

  2. Clear Software - Received $15M in Seed Funding

    • Clear Software is focused on providing highly intuitive cloud applications for enterprise software customers.

  3. Eversight - Received $14M in Series B Funding

    • Eversight provides Offer Innovation solutions that help retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

  4. Brandlive - Received $3.2M in Series A Funding

    • Brandlive is a SaaS-based live interactive streaming video platform used brands & retailers to improve their entire Go-to-Market process.

  5. Impraise  - Received $1.6M in Seed Funding

    • Impraise is a web and mobile app that makes it very simple and engaging to share actionable, timely feedback between colleagues.

Top 5 SaaS Companies With The Highest Weekly Momentum Score
(Source: Mattermark)

  1. Trello (Score = 3113)

    • Trello is a free app that makes working on group projects as easy as using sticky notes on your whiteboard.

  2. DocuSign (Score = 2726)

    • DocuSign helps organizations of every size, industry and geography go fully digital by empowering anyone to transact anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Securely.

  3. Padlet (Score = 2649)

    • Padlet is an app that enables users to create an online bulletin board to display information on any topic.

  4. BoldChat (Score = 2238)

    • BoldChat’s live chat software enhances your customer’s digital experience by extending a helpful human presence. 

  5. Lucidchart (Score = 2211)

    • Lucidchart is a web-based diagramming application that enables users to collaborate in real-time to create flowcharts and other diagrams.

Accelerating Customer Expansion by Managing the Customer Journey

Accelerating Customer Expansion by Managing the Customer Journey

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