Team Management Tips for Amazing Customer Success Leadership

July 13, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

Team Management Tips for Customer Success Leaders

SaaS Tattler Issue 104: Team Management Tips for Amazing Customer Success Leadership

Managing a team is never an easy task. Customer Success leaders take responsibility for delivering advice and career development opportunities to their teams; hiring and onboarding new CSMs; setting, communicating, and ultimately delivering their team's KPIs; and much much more.

Like anything, leadership takes work, this is why we’re dedicating this week’s SaaS Tattler to improving your management skills.

One-on-One Meetings for Customer Success

Meeting 1:1 with team members is a well-recognized team management technique. In this blog post, Kristen Hayer, Founder and CEO of The Success League, shares her best advice on how to organize, deliver, and maintain 1:1 meetings with Customer Success team members. 

As a busy leader, I would often reschedule my 1:1 meetings and assume my team would understand that my crazy schedule was a part of my job.

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5 Daily Habits of Happy SaaS Customer Success Teams

In this blog post, Melissa Hopkins, Sr. Director of Customer Success at Aha! shares what makes the Customer Success team she leads so unique. With these 5 daily habits, Hopkin’s team is able to stay focused, productive, and happy.

When everyone invests in each other's happiness, you see the personal and business impact.

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How to Boost the Morale of Your Customer Success Team

Working in Customer Success isn't always fun. CSMs lose accounts, deal with customers' frustrations, and graciously handle stressful situations when fires arise. In this blog post, Customer Success expert Nils Vinje shares 4 techniques to help you ensure you're doing your job in boosting your team's morale. 

It’s much easier to keep morale high than repair it later.

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New Manager Checklist: 6 Tips for Being a Good Leader

Customer Success is a relatively new field, which means a lot of individuals who started off as individual contributors have grown with their companies and organizations, and have been propelled to leading an entire team within a short amount of time. New managers face a unique set of challenges, including that of learning a new job altogether. Here's a list of 6 quick tips to make sure you're doing things right. 

You're the person everyone confronts with questions and issues, the one motivating your team while holding them accountable.

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The Management Skills You Need to Lead Your Team

Do you have the skills to be a good leader? Like for any job, you might not have 100% of the tools required to be the best team leader yet, but you can work towards acquiring them. This post gives you 11 must-have management skills, and how to add them to your toolbox if they're currently missing. 

In order to be an effective leader, you need more than a good attitude and a little kid’s dream. 

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