Amity Spring 2016 Product Update

May 2, 2016 Amity Team

Amity Spring 2016 Product Update

Progress happens quickly at Amity. We are constantly enhancing our tool and finding new ways to better serve our users. We would like to introduce you to a few new exciting changes we’ve made over the past few months.

1. New Features

Lifecycle Management - You now have even more options for managing the entire Customer Lifecycle - see the big picture with our “Monday morning meeting app”.

Why Should You Care?

  • Track Progress Against Goals/Previous History

  • Identify and Resolve Bottlenecks in the Lifecycle

  • Prove the Impact of Customer Success

Key Features (pictured below):

  1. Goal Setting and Tracking

  2. Full Lifecycle Visualization

  3. Drill down to see the details

  4. Customizable Lifecycle

Lifecycle App 1

Lifecycle App 2

HTML Emails - You asked for it, and we answered. You can now edit text font, size, color, insert images, edit the message source code, and quickly remove formatting from the text editor. Now automated emails are in full HTML.

Email Templates - Feel like you’re often repeating yourself? Goodbye, copy/paste. Hello, templates.  Good news, you can now quickly create and choose Email Templates.

Email Template.png

2. New Integrations

Base CRM - Sync Base CRM contacts with Amity accounts and people.

HubSpot CRM - Sync HubSpot CRM companies and contacts with Amity accounts and people.

JIRA - Sync JIRA Service Desk issues with Amity tickets.

Marketo - Retrieve Marketo marketing information within the Amity person profile and add people to Marketo campaigns and static lists.

Office 365 - Sync email from Office 365 mailboxes with Amity engagements.

Xero - Sync balances, last invoice, and last payment information from Xero contacts with Amity accounts.

Coming Soon:

Chargify - Sync Chargify subscriptions with Amity subscriptions.

Intercom - Sync user conversations with Amity engagements.

SalesforceIQ - Sync contacts with Amity accounts and people.

Product Update Integrations

3. Product Enhancements

We recently gave two of our most popular pages a facelift, leaving them with a fresh new look and feel. Check it out!

Portfolio App - We’ve crafted a new, more informative Portfolio page with new display types.

Here are the four key changes pictured below:

  1. Colored Scales

  2. Sparklines

  3. Custom Views

Portfolio App

Playbooks App - We’ve updated our Playbooks page with a new layout, so you can easily see which account are on track and off track. A behind-the-scenes change you can’t see is something we like to call “chained playbooks”. For example, when your customer completes the “Onboarding” playbook, they can be automatically moved to the “First 90 Days” playbook. All customizable to suit your business needs.

Here are the three key changes pictured below:

  1. Playbook Deadlines

  2. Progress Bar

  3. Simple Task List

Playbooks App

Personal Insights - Did your account just lose it’s power user? Well, you can now set personal insights within a specific account. Insight will match the color of the health score, giving you an understanding of how an insight will affect that account.

Custom Properties - Is knowing your account's power user important for your business? Well, we’ve added new field types to accommodate this need: Single or Multi-Line Text, Date/Time, Dropdown Select, Numbers (Currency, Default, Percentage). To take this even further, you can create views based on any custom properties.

Custom Properties

People Tags - Like accounts, people can now have tags. The tags are can be added in the person profile. Tags are also visible in the Portfolio App.

Rich Text Notes - You have already been able to add notes to accounts, people, and plays. But, now you can add multiple notes to people and plays with Rich Text Editing.

We hope you are as happy with these changes as we are! If you’d like to explore our tool, and see what Amity can do for you or your business, schedule a meeting with our team.

Talk to our Team

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Amity provides the world's most powerful Customer Success software. Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. The combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer success organizations scale quickly and efficiently.

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