6 Proven Ways to Impress Your Future Customers

May 20, 2016 Kimberly Marie Gayeta

6 Proven Ways to Impress Your Future Customers

Getting new customers can be a little difficult, especially if you’ve tried every single conventional method out there in the market. How about trying something new? How about something you may have heard about, but never tried? Who knows, these methods listed below just might work for you.

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1. Actively Respond to Posts

One of the top ways to catch any person's attention is having them see the company (or person) mentioned in a particular social media post, respond to the said post. This reference can either be in passing or through a linked mention. Your potential prospect's interest will be peaked as they will see that you have an interest. With that simple response, you may garner a new customer.

2. Innovative Business Cards

Some may think that business cards have gone extinct when in truth, people need them now more than ever. With so many ways to contact one another, a simple phone number just won't do. When designing your business card, make it something that will truly stand out among the other business cards your potential customer has in their wallet. For example, a photographer may have his in the shape of a camera while a gardener may have seeds embedded in her cards. It can be as simple as an eye-catching design, to something as functional as a bottle opener. The options are endless and your prospective consumer will surely pick out your card among the others, and contact you when they are in need of your service.

3. Be Part of a Conference

Whether it's being a speaker at a conference or holding your own, being a part of one will truly help you garner more customers. As you speak, you are getting the attention of a big mass of potential clients. They will become interested in whatever it is you are involved in and will want to avail of your product or service. Don't forget to promote your product or service at the end of the conference of course.  

4. Be On Every List Possible

Back when the internet wasn't the common commodity it is these days, people relied on the yellow pages to look for the establishment or service they needed. These days, listings are just as important as the pre-internet era as although the physical yellow pages may not be commonly used anymore, online directories still are. Try to put the business on as many sites as you can to help consumers easily find you.

5. Answer Online Queries

Certain question-and-answer websites such as Quora welcome self-promotion when answering questions. Look for inquiries within your industry and write answers that can satisfy the seeker's curiosity. Before doing so, fill out your profile as much as you can and place a link to the company site and blog. Build relationships with the people around these queries, you'll get a new batch of curious customers in no time.

6. Handwritten Letter

Despite everything being computerized these days, nothing says personal like a handwritten letter. It will truly catch the eye of the potential customer as the ink originated not from a printer, but from a pen. They will see you really took the time to write it out, making them realize you sincerely care for them.

If you get the interest of the prospective consumers or clients, then you are one step closer in getting them as a customer. Live up to their expectations and they will most certainly be your client for the long run.

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