10 Must-Read Articles for Junior Customer Success Managers

August 9, 2017 Mathilde Augustin

It seems like CSMs have become the cool kids of tech. While professionals everywhere learn of the power of well-executed Customer Success Management, more and more new grads see the industry as an opportunity to have a real impact and jumpstart their careers. Below are 10 blog posts that every new CSM should read to gain in efficiency and better understand the career that’s ahead of them.

Getting Started and Getting Up to Speed

A Beginner’s Guide to Churn Mitigation

If you've boarded the Customer Success train, you probably already know why reducing churn is so important. In short, it's cheaper to retain and grow your existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. Retention is the best way to achieve business success, and guess what the opposite of retention is? Yup, churn can really hurt your company. Here's a how to get started with churn mitigation.


Fixed vs. Growth Mindset in Customer Success, What Does That Mean?

Dr. Dweck’s work discusses two belief systems – or ‘mindsets’ – about intelligence. Students with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence is innate and unchangeable. By contrast, students with a growth mindset understand that intelligence (and success) is flexible and can be developed.


Boosting Your Day to Day Productivity as a CSM

Optimizing productivity is important in any role but it requires particular attention in the world of customer success. As a CSM your schedule can be at the mercy of your customers and the multiple hats you need to wear throughout the days and weeks will pull you in different directions.

Having an Impact and Becoming an Expert

Measuring Your Success with CSM KPIs

It’s not enough to set goals, objectives, and targets for a team - it’s also necessary to measure how you’re doing against what you’ve planned and communicated. If you can’t measure, how do you know if you’re making progress? Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, allow you to do just that.


6 Remedies for Unhealthy Customer Symptoms

The tricky thing about red flags — behaviors that suggest a customer is at risk of canceling — is that they’re unique to each business. But, there are general guidelines to help identify them. Here are six symptoms of unhealthy customers and what to prescribe each.


Easy Customer Success Playbooks You Can Quickly Automate

Automating Customer Success playbooks might seem impersonal and many are of the opinion that strong customer relationships cannot be built using a tech-touch engagement model. That is not entirely true. As long as the messages are timely and relevant, customers will feel taken care of.


Planning for Long Term Career Success

10 Leaders’ Advice on Getting Started in Customer Success

We asked 10 Customer Success Leaders with proven track records of building and growing thriving Customer Success Organizations "what's one piece of advice you wish you'd been given when you started?"


14 Quotes on Succeeding in Customer Success Leadership

As rewarding as it is, we understand that Customer Success Leadership is multifaceted and can be challenging -- thus, we asked 14 Customer Success Leaders: “What does it take to be successful in Customer Success Leadership?”


This is What Makes Career Development in Customer Success So Difficult

When it comes to career paths, Customer Success suffers from its lack of maturity, the wide variety of backgrounds its professionals bring with them, and the singularity of each company in implementing and managing its own organization.


10 Leaders Share Their Customer Success Career Paths

Not only can it be difficult to enter the industry, it’s also challenging to have a clear idea of what your career path should look like. We asked 10 Customer Success Leaders who’ve built and managed thriving Customer Success organizations how they got started in the field.


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