How to Deliver Mind-Blowing QBRs

December 7, 2016 Mathilde Augustin

The Secrets To Mind-Blowing QBRsSaaS Tattler Issue 98 - How to Deliver Mind-Blowing QBRs

Quarterly or Executive Business Reviews are an essential part of every Customer Success Manager's life. QBRs are your one chance to demonstrate your value to your customer, and it's an amazing opportunity to build trusting and long-lasting relationships. The thing with QBRs is, it's all or nothing. Your customers will either leave delighted and confident or frustrated, wondering if you're really (still) worth it. No pressure.

Delivering an Excellent Quarterly Business Review

Demonstrating the value of your product is not always an easy task, but, if you are well-prepared and if you have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish, chances are you will deliver what your customers are expecting. In this blog post, Ashley Hall from Sparkcentral gives you 5 simple steps to delivering a strategic and promising QBR.

Nothing speaks louder than metrics. Come to your QBR armed with data that highlight successes and provide insight into challenges.

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A Customer Success Manager is The Quarterback of a Quarterly Business Review

There's perfect world QBRs, and there's real world QBRs: pending calendar invites, last-minute cancellations, unread agenda... In this post, Nils Vinje from Glide Consulting wants you to get closer to the perfect world QBRs and gives you actionable tips to do so, including working with your sales team and effectively reaching executives.

The focus of this QBR agenda is on issues, both current and past. ‘Talking tickets’ might bore the executive sponsor to tears, so try to be a little more strategic. 

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Turning Executive Business Reviews From Good To Great

So you're already pretty happy with your QBRs (or EBrs), great! Why stop now? There are many ways to take your QBRs from adequate to amazing. In this post, Irit Eizips dives into concrete QBR tips from value-based content to communication strategies. 

Ask a lot of open ended questions during the meeting to discover what’s top of mind for the executives this year or quarter

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[Webinar Recording] How to Deliver Value and Avoid Frustration in Your Quarterly Business Reviews

If you were away this summer and missed our QBR webinar with CSM Practice - here's a recording you might want to check out!

The Best of Customer Success Today

When people align, it means they have a common purpose they’re all equally passionate about, which gives them a reason (deeper than management alone could ever instill) to work together and achieve the goal that is in line with that purpose. 5 Benefits and 5 Tips for Aligning Sales and Customer Success

Once you’ve decided which feedback you want to pay attention to, how do you transform customer feedback into something you can act on as a company? How can you take a jumble of open-ended feedback and use it to inform your product roadmap? How to Analyze Customer Feedback and Make it Actionable

A recent post published Blossom Street Ventures provoked my ire. Titled “The 11 Commandments of Customer Success”, I feel comfortable suggesting you disobey 5 of their core “commandments” for how to run a top notch Customer Success team. 5 Customer Success "Commandments" You Should Break

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