[Infographic] Customer Success vs. Customer Support

March 29, 2018 Asra Sarfraz

[Infographic] Customer Success vs. Customer Support

Support vs. Success; most of us are familiar with both business units and how they interact with customers to create value. Yet, there's still some misunderstanding around how they interact with one another, where they overlap, and where they need to bridge a gap.

Outside of Customer Success circles, it get even trickier. It's not uncommon to hear both terms being used interchangeably, and while we know how they differ in theory (the go-to reactive vs. proactive dichotomy), it can get a bit more confusing when you try to differentiate their roles and responsibilities. 

Sure, they both support the customer in achieving success, but they couldn't be more fundamentally different. Check out the infographic below to understand why.

Customer Success vs. Customer Support [Infographic]


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Asra Sarfraz

Asra Sarfraz is currently the Digital Marketing Intern at Amity. When she is not consuming barrels of coffee, she is busy photographing and designing new projects.

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