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Driving Customer Retention

May 10, 2016 Kia Puhm

How well do you know your customers?

How much knowledge do you have about their goals, objectives, aspirations, motivations, fears, and problems? Do you understand how your customers are different, even though they may appear to be similar in many ways?

For SaaS companies, the importance of knowing their customers should not be underestimated.

Insight about your customers drives retention, revenue growth, loyalty and brand evangelism. If knowledge is power, then knowledge about customers is a powerful business proposition. 

Within the SaaS world, it goes without saying that retention is paramount, while churn has to be managed. Companies invest so much time and effort to attract customers that it just makes sense to have them stick around for a long time to drive revenue and ROI.

But retention can be a challenge because, after all, it is hard to keep everyone happy. Every customer has different needs and interests, and they require different levels of support, encouragement and customer service.

So how do SaaS companies drive retention and make it a pillar in how they do business? The answer is straightforward: they need to know their customers inside out. 

In this eBook, we will look at how SaaS companies should gather knowledge of their customers and, as important, how to leverage this information to develop strong and long-lasting relationships that deliver benefits to both parties.

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About the Author

Kia Puhm

Kia Puhm is an entrepreneurial executive with 21 years of experience leading strategic corporate initiatives. She has held executive positions in account management, customer success, services, and support at companies such as: Oracle, Eloqua, Adobe (Day Software), Intelex Technologies, and Blueprint Software Systems. Kia has pioneered the art of Customer Experience by leading businesses through the transition to customer-centric organizations. Her methodology provides clients with a disciplined and sustainable approach to increasing customer lifetime value & loyalty.

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