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The Easiest Way To Improve Onboarding

June 27, 2018 Amity Team

A smooth and effortless onboarding process is critical to customer success.

Yet, onboarding is multi-faceted. The first touches on the customer journey can be a mix of product, people, and processes, adding to the complexity of the task.

For that reason, it can be difficult to know what to prioritize, how to improve, and even where to start.

While NPS and CSAT are essential to a solid Voice of the Customer Program, Customer Effort Score (CES) has proven to be the best CX metric to measure onboarding success.


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Amity Team

Amity provides the world's most powerful Customer Success software. Amity, senses changes in customer health or rhythms, recommends the right actions and measures effectiveness. The combination of real-time playbooks, intelligence and automation helps customer success organizations scale quickly and efficiently.

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